You can block images on Gmail for iPhone now

[ad_1] Even if you’re old enough to remember when Gmail asked permission before loading external images, you still might not have noticed that they stopped doing this by default back in 2013. Email providers that year started cutting down on displaying attachments to stop the spread of malware. Gmail instead elected to serve images through […]

Google Photos now has the ability to search for text in images

[ad_1] We were able to surface screenshots by looking for specific keywords, but it looks like the feature will work even on ordinary pictures. Say, on images of signs or of the pages of a book. Further, you can simply click the Lens button when you find the image you’re looking for to be able […]

Snap releasing new Spectacles that capture 3-D images

[ad_1] Snap has unveiled sunglasses that can take 3D pictures to be shared on its Snapchat messaging service Snap on Tuesday unveiled new-generation Spectacles sunglasses that can take 3D pictures to share on its Snapchat messaging service known for ephemeral posts. Spectacles 3, set for release late this year, were described as a limited release […]

Reconstructing histological slices into 3-D images

[ad_1] A set of histological serial sections of a human embryo (a) with organ annotations (b) and 3D reconstruction (c). Credit: Kajihara et al. 2019 Despite advances in 3D imaging such as MRI and CT, scientists still rely on slicing a specimen into 2-D sections to acquire the most detailed information. Using this information, they […]