Xbox Live outage locks gamers out again

[ad_1] A month after another extended outage impeded Xbox gamers from playing for hours — and with a number of smaller issues in between — Microsoft’s network is down once again. Right now, many people can’t sign in or do much other than maybe watch Netflix on their Xbox Ones, after hours of problems and […]

Asus will pack on 300-hertz refresh rate for gamers

[ad_1] Credit: Asus Asus has stirred up interest in its gaming display for laptops. Asus fittingly chose Europe’s largest consumer tech show for the debut site of its fast laptop gaming display. These are being tagged as gaming machines with 300Hz displays—meaning? These are gaming laptops that can push refresh rates to 300Hz. A note […]

Hands-on: The Switch Lite offers small improvements for gamers on the go

[ad_1] Congratulations! It’s a bouncing, baby gaming console! A nice tricolor gaming salad. If Switch players can get the d-pad back, maybe iPhone users can get the headphone jack back one of these days? The controls may look a bit bigger, but it’s just an optical illusion created by the smaller system housing. Compare and […]

German army seeks out gamers in hunt for computer-savvy recruits

[ad_1] Among countless stands of car manufacturers, software developers and engineering universities at Cologne’s video games convention, the sight of fatigue-clad soldiers manning the German military’s brightly-lit stall draws in the curious. With a stand boasting a helicopter simulator and ultra-fast games, the Bundeswehr, Germany’s army, has turned to the Gamescom fair in its bid […]