Video: Get a full overview of Android 10 in just 11 minutes

[ad_1] Android 10 is here with loads of new features and some important changes under the hood. It’s all covered in our Android 10 announcement post, our features overview, and the update tracking hub. But what if you don’t have time to read through it all? Then Joe’s 11m:24s video overview of Android 10 is […]

Sextortion shakedown attempts for Bitcoin payoffs get full anatomy

[ad_1] Sextortion’s cumulative revenues combining dierent lters and single payments to sextortion addresses. Credit: arXiv:1908.01051 [cs.CR] For the uninitiated, the word Bitcoin summons up a mixed emotion of approach-avoidance. It teases curiosity to know more about this fascinating alternative to conventional currency and at the same triggers unease about its bad reputation. New research […]

How much energy storage costs must fall to reach renewable energy's full potential

[ad_1] Credit: Cell Press The cost of energy storage will be critical in determining how much renewable energy can contribute to the decarbonization of electricity. But how far must energy storage costs fall? In a study published August 7 in the journal Joule, MIT researchers answer this question. They quantify cost targets for storage technologies […]