Poland to launch cyberspace defence force

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain NATO member Poland will launch a cyberspace defence force by 2024 made up of around 2,000 soldiers qualified in cybersecurity, the defence minister said on Thursday after formally approving it. “We’re well aware that in today’s world it’s possible to influence the situation in states by using these methods (cyberwar),” […]

New technologies can be a force for good in Africa if they're developed from the ground

[ad_1] Technology companies are pushing to lead the AI drive in Africa. Credit: Wikimedia Commons Sub-Saharan Africa is at a point where new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) could present both opportunities and threats to development. But civil society, governments and international organisations need to make sure that everyone benefits from these technologies—not just […]

Experiments with a single atom rule out the 'fifth force' theory of dark energy

[ad_1] One possible explanation for the phenomenon is that dark energy is the fifth force acting on matter, along with the gravitational, electromagnetic, and strong and weak nuclear forces. Recently a team at Imperial College London decided to test this fifth force theory by performing an experiment on single atoms. The experiment worked by examining […]

Air Force certifies first 3-D printed nonstructural aircraft parts

[ad_1] An aircraft part prints on the Stratasys F900 three-dimensional printer Aug. 15, 2019, at Travis Air Force Base, California. Travis AFB is the first field-unit location in the Air Force to have the Stratays F900 3-D industrial printer certified by the Federal Aviation Administration and Air Force Advanced Technology and Training Center for use […]

Air Force achieves record-setting hypersonic ground test milestone

[ad_1] The AEDC Aerodynamic and Propulsion Test Unit at Arnold Air Force Base supports recent testing for the Air Force Research Laboratory Medium Scale Critical Components Scramjet program. The Northrop Grumman-produced engine was successfully operated at conditions above Mach 4 and has set the record for highest thrust produced by an air-breathing hypersonic engine in […]