Companies distanced themselves from foldable phone hype at IFA

[ad_1] [Temp Email] LG, for example, is staying far away from folding screens, despite having a real rollable OLED TV that people can buy. It announced the LG G8X ThinQ here in Berlin, where it opted to use two separate 6.4-inch panels for its dual-screen flagship. We’ve seen LG, ZTE and many others attempt this format […]

Samsung to launch foldable smartphone after major delay

[ad_1] Samsung, the world’s largest smartphone maker, had to delay the launch of its foldable smartphone in April over screen issues Tech giant Samsung has said it will launch its hotly anticipated first foldable smartphone on Friday, months after faulty screens forced an embarrassing delay of its release. The world’s largest smartphone maker spent nearly […]

Bloomberg: Samsung to release flip-phone-style foldable early next year

[ad_1] Samsung is still yet to release the Galaxy Fold, but the company is working in parallel on a new foldable that could be just a few months away. Bloomberg, citing people familiar with the matter, reports that the new device will fold into a square, much like a flip-phone from the 2000s. The device […]

Microsoft patent talk includes foldable with electromagnetic coil

[ad_1] Credit: United States Application US20190267963 Microsoft’s patent filing recently made public has juiced up curiosity over what Microsoft might debut sooner or later as its own version of a folding computing device. MSPoweruser took the view that “Microsoft is trying hard to bring its first foldable device to the market, like every other big […]