Bamboo lights a fire under Australian construction industry

[ad_1] PhD student Mateo Gutierrez explores the potential of bamboo. Credit: University of Queensland A passion for sustainable construction led University of Queensland Ph.D. student Mateo Gutierrez to explore the potential of bamboo as an environmentally friendly local building material. Bamboo is fast becoming a popular choice in Australia for flooring and furniture, but Mr […]

Fake news model in staged release but two researchers fire up replication

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain Not the most comforting news in the world of tech: The artificial intelligence lab (OpenAI) cofounded by Elon Musk said its software could too easily be adapted to crank out fake news. “Two grads re-created it anyway.” That was Wired‘s coverage on August 26 of a story about two recent […]

Tesla's solar panels reportedly caught fire at an Amazon warehouse

[ad_1] The incident reportedly happened back in June 2018, but the e-commerce giant just came out with the information. Bloomberg says Amazon told the publication via email that it has taken steps to protect its facilities and will no longer install any more Tesla systems going forward. We’ve reached out to both companies to confirm […]

Irish airport flights suspended after runway plane fire

[ad_1] Firecrews attend an Omni Air International aircraft on the tarmac at Shannon Airport in County Clare, western Ireland, after a fire broke out on the undercarriage of the plane on the runway Flights were suspended at Shannon Airport in western Ireland for several hours on Thursday after fire broke out on the undercarriage of […]

Some Apple laptops banned from airline flights for fire risk

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain Federal safety officials have banned some Apple laptops from airline flights after Apple recalled the batteries because they could catch fire. The Federal Aviation Administration said in a statement Wednesday that it alerted airlines last month about the recall involving batteries for some Apple MacBook Pro laptops. Under FAA policy, […]

Notre-Dame cathedral 'still at risk of collapse' after fire

[ad_1] Barriers were set up as a truck delivered pipes and pumps for cleaning the esplanade in front of Paris’ great medieval cathedral Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris is still at risk of collapse after being gutted by a fire in April, with more stonework falling during the recent heatwave in the French capital, the government […]