Lyft to add more safety features for riders and drivers

[ad_1] After facing lawsuits and criticisms related to the safety of its riders, Lyft said it will implement new measures designed to improve the security of its customers and its drivers. In a blog post Tuesday, Lyft co-founder and President John Zimmer said that the San Francisco-based ride-hailing company will now partner with the Rape, […]

Electronic glove offers 'humanlike' features for prosthetic hand users

[ad_1] An electronic glove, developed by Purdue University researchers, offers ‘humanlike’ features for prosthetic hand users. Credit: Purdue University/Chris Adam People with hand amputations experience difficult daily life challenges, often leading to lifelong use of a prosthetic hands and services. An electronic glove, or e-glove, developed by Purdue University researchers can be worn over a […]

Baby strollers will get a Bosch push in tech features

[ad_1] Credit: Bosch Bosch is promoting its e-stroller system as a safe and comfortable way for baby to enjoy the ride. The system components include (1) two smart electric motors mounted on the stroller’s rear axle (2) electromechanical brake (3) a battery unit with removable lithium-ion battery and (4) smartphone app. Electrically powered, the stroller […]

10 features we'd like to see on the next iPhone

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain Apple said this week it will stage a media event on Sept.10th, which is when the company is expected to introduce three new editions of the iPhone. As always, we have a wish list for features we’d like to see. Ready everyone? Let us count the ways. —Battery. Of course, […]

7 cool Android features you might not know about

[ad_1] One of the great things about Android is how intuitive it is. The majority of its most important features are easily accessed and clearly identifiable (like screen brightness). But there are some useful features that are hidden away or aren’t clearly explained. Here, we’ve gathered some of the best Android features you might have […]

Android developer news and features round-up (August 2019)

[ad_1] Hello and welcome to the September 2019 edition of Android Developers Monthly, where we’ll be recapping all of the excitement from the last 30 days. August 2019 will forever be remembered as the month that Android Q became Android 10, but it’s also the month we got the stable release of Android Studio 3.5, […]

Investigating the best features for predicting a movie's genre and estimated budget

[ad_1] Sample frames from Moviescope video trailers showing the diversity in the proposed dataset. Credit: Sitaraman et al. A team of researchers at the University of Virginia has recently carried out a large-scale analysis aimed at identifying features in film trailers that best predict a movie’s genre and estimated budget. In their study, outlined in […]

'Control' features a wonderfully surreal Hideo Kojima cameo

[ad_1] “I believe they’re jalapeno flavored,” he adds, before turning to the subject of a distant trio of ocean trees. “Perhaps they are metaphors for how you push people away,” Kojima says, as he asks the player to talk to the plants. Suddenly, a fleet of forklifts with “hateful tires” appear to ruin the idyllic […]

7 used car tech features that might surprise you

[ad_1] This undated photo provided by Ford shows the 2016 Ford Escape, a small crossover SUV. On upper trim levels, it comes with auto-dimming mirrors, blind-spot monitoring and automated parking. (Ford Motor Co. via AP) Automakers have introduced a flurry of new automotive safety and convenience technology features the past few years. Close-to-new vehicles with […]

Free Mail Marketing: 4 Features to Search for in a Free Trial – Blog

[ad_1] Free Mail Marketing: 4 Features to Search for in a Free Trial There are various benefits to trying a service for free before making a purchase. Test driving a free mail marketing service like SendGrid can be useful for many reasons. In this post, I’ll lead you through the main decision-making points you should […]