USB 4 brings faster speeds and 100W charging support

[ad_1] There’s a new USB spec in town and it brings faster speeds with it. Announced earlier this year, the USB-IF has signed off on the latest standard. Of course, USB 3.2 is far from commonplace so it is going to be a while before you see USB 4 compatible products. So what’s new with […]

Developing embedded systems faster

[ad_1] Drone with stereo camera. The small white box holds the embedded system, which evaluates the slightly offset images from the two cameras in real time in order to detect obstacles. Credit: Fraunhofer IOSB Whether for the car or the drone: Developing image processing software for embedded systems takes a lot of time and is […]

Technology start-ups that fail fast succeed faster

[ad_1] It took Thomas Edison countless failures before he succeeded in developing a marketable lightbulb. Credit: Shutterstock Failure rates of new technology-based companies are shockingly high. It is estimated that 75 percent of technology start-ups do not generate profits. Other data suggests upwards of 90 percent of new technology enterprises completely fail. However, some failures […]

App allows inspectors to find gas pump skimmers faster

[ad_1] An inspector holds up a phone equipped with Bluetana with a skimmer in the background. The two lines in red are the skimmer’s Bluetooth signature. The indentifiers have been blurred on the screen and the skimmer so that criminals can not identify them. Credit: David Baillot/University of California San Diego A team of computer […]

Researchers test ocean robots to make subsea cable surveys faster and cheaper

[ad_1] WHOI researchers deployed a REMUS 600 AUV to survey a subsea cable system in Buzzards Bay, Mass. The vehicle uses a propeller and fins for steering and diving, and relies on an internal navigation system to independently survey swaths of the ocean. Credit: Evan Lubofsky, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution In 2016, when an oil […]