Algorithms should have made courts more fair. What went wrong?

[ad_1] Enlarge / The courts have become another frontline in the battle against climate change. Kentucky lawmakers thought requiring that judges consult an algorithm when deciding whether to hold a defendant in jail before trial would make the state’s justice system cheaper and fairer by setting more people free. That’s not how it turned out. […]

Voice-command ovens, robots for pets on show at Berlin's IFA tech fair

[ad_1] A Pet Fitness robot can keep track of how much activity the animal has had Europe’s biggest tech fair, Berlin’s IFA, is showcasing a flood of product launches until Wednesday. Here are five trends and gadgets making waves. Fitness trainer for pets No time to walk or play with your pet puppy or kitten? […]

Fair comparison of desalination technologies puts heat on energy sources

[ad_1] Muhammad Shahzad (left) and Kim Choon Ng inspect the pilot desalination facility at KAUST. Credit: KAUST A novel way to assess the efficiency of rival desalination technologies could help to guide new developments to deliver potable water supplies in urban areas, shows research undertaken at KAUST. Global water demand reached roughly 4000 billion cubic […]

Star Wars 9 Vanity Fair Photos Reveal Luke’s Return and the Epic Rise of Skywalker

[ad_1] We’ve got a ton of brand new images from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker that are very revealing. Disney and Lucasfilm have been keeping an especially tight lid regarding details of the third and final installment in this sequel trilogy. They didn’t even reveal the official title until the trailer dropped at Star […]