New augmented reality head mounted display offers unrivaled viewing experience

[ad_1] Cambridge engineers have developed a new augmented reality (AR) head mounted display (HMD) that delivers a realistic 3-D viewing experience, without the commonly associated side effects of nausea or eyestrain. The device has an enlarged eye-box that is scalable and an increased field of view of 36º that is designed for a comfortable viewing […]

Internet users usually have a positive experience online, but potential for digital divide to widen

[ad_1] Credit: Shutterstock Research from the Oxford Internet Institute (OII), part of the University of Oxford, has revealed a rapid increase in use of the internet for commercial, banking and entertainment purposes. The number of people paying bills online, watching films and TV series’ and streaming music via the internet has increased significantly since 2013. […]

Samsung cancels Galaxy Fold pre-orders to 'rethink' the experience

[ad_1] There is some compensation — pre-order customers receive $250 in credit for their trouble. That’s still less than thrilling if you were hoping to be the first on your block to own a Galaxy Fold, though, and you might not have much choice but to pre-register again if you’re eager to restart the process. […]

Researchers propose method to balance user experience and cloud cost

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain For an online gamer, lag is the worst. The gamer watches, telling the avatar to move to avoid another player’s attack, but the avatar does nothing. Then, suddenly, the avatar does all of the commands, rapid fire. It was listening, it just took too long for the commands to process. […]

'Beyond' delivers the 'No Man's Sky' experience I was waiting for

[ad_1] Spoilers for the early chapters (and the very end) of No Man’s Sky, although only a couple, because Dan got waylaid. I was so won over by the original trailer that I bought a PS4, returning to Sony after a decade with an Xbox 360. No Man’s Sky was a clear reason to buy […]