AI to help drive engine efficiencies on the road

[ad_1] Utilizing ALCF supercomputing resources, Argonne researchers are developing the deep learning framework MaLTESE with autonomous — or self-driving — and cloud-connected vehicles in mind. This work could help meet demand to deliver better engine performance, fuel economy and reduced emissions. Credit: Shutterstock /Ju Jae-young Researchers at Argonne are developing the deep learning framework MaLTESE […]

Researchers add unique, efficient engine wear testing rig

[ad_1] SwRI tribologist Carlos Sanchez observes a test in progress on the single cam rig, a device designed by Institute engineers to investigate wear mechanisms in an engine’s valvetrain components. Credit: Southwest Research Institute Southwest Research Institute recently added an additional single cam rig (SCR) to its considerable array of tribology testing equipment. The rig, […]

Drones will fly for days with new photovoltaic engine

[ad_1] A drone flying by UC Berkeley’s Campanile. Credit: Noah Berger UC Berkeley researchers just broke another record in photovoltaic efficiency, an achievement that could lead to an ultralight engine that can power drones for days. For the past 15 years, the efficiency of converting heat into electricity with thermovoltaics has been stalled at 23 percent. […]

Many search engine users unaware of personal data collection

[ad_1] Nearly a third (32%) of searchers are unaware that their personal location is collected to display personalised ads, and the majority do not know what kind of information is involved, according to a study by the Reboot Digital Marketing Agency. The study is based on an analysis of findings by UK communications regulator Ofcom […]