KLM to replace Brussels flight with train to cut emissions

[ad_1] KLM will from March 2020 reduce from five to four the number of flights from Amsterdam to Brussels in a bid to cut its environmental impact Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, says Dutch airline KLM, when it comes to one of its shortest routes, it will soon be a train. […]

US opens probe of 4 automakers over California emissions pact

[ad_1] A deal announced in July increases fuel economy standards on autos sold in California; these conflicted with a White House plan to freeze mileage standards The US Department of Justice is probing California’s agreement with four automakers on fuel efficiency standards, automakers said Friday, while the Trump administration called on the state to spike […]

DOJ launches probe of automakers that agreed to California emissions rules

[ad_1] When the agreement was first announced in July, it was seen as a direct challenge to the Trump administration’s planned rollback of the Obama-era Clean Power Plan, which would have held automakers to improve fuel economy to 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025. The paper’s sources claim the White House did not order the […]

Drone monitoring of ship emissions could save lives, protect health

[ad_1] A drone hovers in the exhaust plume of the TS Golden Bear to test a new system for monitoring fuel standards. Credit: Nicki Aviel/UCLA Cargo ships bring the things people want and need to our ports. But they also bring air pollution. And when they burn cheap, sludgy fuel, their emissions include dangerously high […]

Trump takes aim at automakers that ignored his emissions proposal

[ad_1] US President Donald Trump steps off Air Force One at Andrews Air Force Base on August 21 US President Donald Trump on Wednesday attacked automakers who ignored his advances and instead reached an agreement with California on future stricter emissions standards. Trump’s administration plans to relax current standards, while California, which is already applying […]

How buildings can cut 80% of their carbon emissions by 2050

[ad_1] Increased generation of electricity from renewable sources, efficient energy use and management in buildings, and electrification of fuel-fired building technologies outline a roadmap to U.S. buildings emissions reduction by 2050. Credit: Langevin et. al / Joule Energy use in buildings—from heating and cooling your home to keeping the lights on in the office—is responsible […]

Oslo wants to reduce its emissions by 95 percent by 2030

[ad_1] Oslo is this year’s European Green Capital and the municipality also wants to reduce car traffic overall by a third compared to 2015 The Norwegian capital Oslo announced Friday it was aiming to reduce CO2-emissions by 95 percent by 2030. “This is the most ambitious climate strategy of any major city in the world,” Oslo […]

Jet ignition technology could boost efficiency and lower emissions of combustion engines

[ad_1] Here are sequences of images showing the jet (produced from pre-chamber on the top) penetrating into the main chamber and igniting the main-chamber mixture. Credit: Purdue University The same technology used in jets soon may be powering personal cars and other automobiles. Purdue University researchers are now working to develop pre-chamber technology for automobiles […]

Converting waste, 'a leftover resource,' to biofuels reduces emissions

[ad_1] Airlines have begun integrating waste biofuels into the commercial aviation industry, led by United Airlines’ partnership with AltAir Fuels in 2016. Credit: United Airlines The United States could produce enough energy each year by harnessing waste—from landfill refuse to cow manure—to power the states of Oregon and Washington, all while cutting the equivalent of […]

New Zealand poised to introduce clean car standards and incentives to cut emissions

[ad_1] Source: New Zealand Greenhouse Gas Inventory The New Zealand government has proposed new fuel standards to cut greenhouse emissions, along with consumer rebates for cleaner cars—paid for by fees on high-polluting cars. The long-awaited proposed changes would bring New Zealand in line with most other developed countries; apart from New Zealand, Russia and Australia […]