VW launches mammoth bet on electric at IAA car show

[ad_1] Volkswagen’s ID 3 electric car is a big bet on the future of auto trends, as VW has invested tens of billions of euros in a broad range of electric vehicles With a new car and range sporting a spruced-up logo, German car giant Volkswagen enters the Frankfurt IAA car show hoping bets worth […]

Volkswagen bets big on electric. Will consumers buy in?

[ad_1] In this Tuesday, May 14, 2019 file photo, Heiko Roesch, head of body construction, walks besides the new electric ‘ID.3’ car body during a press tour at the plant of the German manufacturer Volkswagen AG (VW) in Zwickau, Germany. Volkswagen is rolling out what it bills as the breakthrough electric car for the masses, […]

Tesla hopes to unveil its electric pickup truck in November

[ad_1] The truck mostly remains a mystery. Tesla has hinted at a “cyberpunk” design (you’re looking at a teaser above) that will purportedly offer the carrying ability of a Ford F-150 and the performance of a base Porsche 911, but not much more than that. The EV maker has strong incentives to show more, at […]

New Detroit bicycle shop only sells electric bicycles

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain Jason Hall, cofounder of the massive group bicycle ride known as Slow Roll Detroit, had a flip response the first time someone asked whether he wanted to try their new electric motor-assisted bicycle, called an e-bike. “No way.” His attitude has since changed completely. No longer a skeptic, Hall became […]

Study tests performance of electric solid propellant

[ad_1] Photograph of PTFE (left) and HIPEP (right) propellant samples used in the test. Credit: University of Illinois Department of Aerospace Engineering Electric solid propellants are being explored for use in dual-mode rocket engines because they aren’t susceptible to ignite from a spark or flame and can be turned on and off electrically. Researchers from […]

Volkswagen's electric racer conquers China's Tianmen Mountain road

[ad_1] The VW ID R got a new look for its Chinese adventure. Volkswagen Motorsport Tianmen Shan Big Gate Road runs for 6.8 miles and climbs 3,600 feet up the side of the mountain. There are a total of 99 hairpins, some with as tight a radius of just 18 feet. Volkswagen Motorsport On the […]

Bosch's electric stroller technology helps push

[ad_1] It will affect cameras, flash storage and other common tech items.Tariffs hit Apple and other tech companies Some of the tech you like is about to get more expensive. Sticking to its earlier plans, the Trump administration has formally enacted a new round of tariffs against China-made products, which will take effect September 1st. […]

Bosch's electric stroller tech helps carry your baby uphill

[ad_1] The battery system has its own conveniences. While the nine-mile range won’t allow for the lengthiest walks by itself, Bosch’s design uses 18V replaceable lithium-ion batteries like the ones used in the company’s power tools. You could borrow the battery from your drill in a pinch. A USB port can charge your devices, and […]

Coming to national park trails: electric bikes

[ad_1] In this June 8, 2019 file photo, Janice Goodwin stands by her electric-assist bicycle at a gate near the start of the carriage path system where bikes such as her are banned inside Acadia National Park, in this photo June 8, 2018, in Bar Harbor, Maine. Interior Secretary David Bernhardt signed the order on […]

Miami's gathering electric scooters before Dorian sends them airborne

[ad_1] As a precaution, some of those same six companies have also started collecting their fleets in Fort Lauderdale, Tampa and Orlando, cities that are on the expected path of Dorian. According to Bloomberg, Miami is home to the most electric scooters in the US. In the case of Lime alone, the company maintains a […]