New iPhone? No thanks. These older-model 5S owners don't need or want one

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain Apple may be set to introduce new models of iPhones, but Bill Hudgins has no interest. He’s got himself an iPhone 5S, the phone that Apple will stop supporting this month with software updates, bug fixes and the like. He’s in no rush to get a new phone. “I’m happy […]

A new iPhone is coming. But no, you don't really have to pay new-phone prices

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain New iPhones are likely to be revealed Sept. 10 and in stores soon after. So do you really have to fork over $1,000 for a new phone and have the latest and greatest? Yes, if you want more power, improved camera technology and more storage. But if you’re like many […]

Part sci-fi thriller, part crime drama, Don't Let Go is an understated gem

[ad_1] A grieving police detective receives a mysterious call from the past in Don’t Let Go from Blumhouse Productions. A cell phone connection serves as a link between the past and present for a police detective and his dead niece in Don’t Let Go, a new supernatural thriller from Blumhouse Productions that debuted at the […]

Please don't weaponize your drone

[ad_1] It’s not certain what prompted the FAA’s stern talking-to on the subject, but it’s no secret that Americans have been arming drones with guns, flamethrowers and other implements for years, whether it’s out of curiosity or a less-than-innocent purpose. If you want proof, you just have to see that one viral video of someone […]

Don't ban new technologies – experiment with them carefully

[ad_1] For many years, Facebook’s internal slogan was “move fast and break things.” And that’s what the company did—along with most other Silicon Valley startups and the venture capitalists who fund them. Their general attitude is one of asking for forgiveness after the fact, rather than for permission in advance. Though this can allow for […]

Don't expect Snapdragon power for the Redmi Note 8 series

[ad_1] Update, August 22, 2019 (4:20AM ET): Xiaomi previously confirmed an August 29 launch date for the Redmi Note 8 series, as well as a 64MP camera sensor on at least one of the phones. Now, MediaTek has issued one more major nugget of info about the upcoming series. The chipmaker announced on Weibo (h/t: […]

Planning a holiday? Don’t forget your out-of-office message | Eva Wiseman | Life and style

[ad_1] The holiday season is encroaching on work life like knotweed, and for those of us sitting in offices, it makes itself known not just in our unwelcome introductions to colleagues’ exposed feet, but in the “out of office autoreplies” that spring unbidden into our inboxes. As a combination of cultural malaises converge – including […]

Liberation day! Don’t email me. I sure won’t be emailing you | Charles Arthur | Opinion

[ad_1] As from today you have the perfect excuse. “I haven’t been in touch because you didn’t respond to my last email – you know, the one where I said that you had to specifically opt in if you wanted further communications? Anyway, Mum, how was your week?” Like most, I feel that the advent […]

Bill Murray Leads the Zombie Charge in 4 The Dead Don’t Die Character Posters

[ad_1] The Dead Don’t Die is set to make a splash at Cannes this year, premiering alongside Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. The zombie comedy comes as quite the departure for director Jim Jarmusch, who is perhaps best known for such indie classics as Dead Man, Ghost Dog, Broken Flowers and Coffee […]

Don’t worry about spam. Using Disposable Email Addresses to protect your Email from it – Blog

[ad_1] Don’t worry about spam. Using Disposable Email Addresses to protect your Email from it If you are using Internet, you know that these days it’s difficult to find forums and websites with useful information that do not require you to register an account using your email address. While it’s not difficult to do, there […]