Best phones with edge displays: What are your options?

[ad_1] The Galaxy Note Edge was the very first phone with an edge display way back in 2014. Its single-edge design never really took off, but Samsung refined the concept the following year, introducing a dual-edge design with the Galaxy S6 Edge. Since then, the curved screen has become a feature on flagships from several […]

Walmart pulls violent game displays but will still sell guns

[ad_1] In this Dec. 15, 2010 file photo, a view of the entertainment section of a Wal-Mart store is seen in Alexandria, Va. Walmart is taking down all signs and displays from its stores that depict violence, following a mass shooting at its El Paso, Texas location that left 22 people dead. The retailer, according […]

Topology optimization and 3-D printing multimaterial magnetic actuators and displays

[ad_1] Overview of the specification-driven 3D printing process. The structure of individual actuators (or the arrangement of multiple actuators) is optimized using a multiobjective topology optimization process. Note that, in general, the final optimized structure can be of any arbitrary shape as shown. The optimization uses the bulk physical properties of the individual materials and […]