Researchers design roadmap for hydrogen supply network

[ad_1] Walter Mérida Credit: UBC Transportation is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in British Columbia. Researchers at the University of British Columbia have developed a hydrogen supply chain model that can enable the adoption of zero-emission, hydrogen-powered cars—transforming them from a novelty into everyday transportation in just 30 years. In a new study […]

Launch a career in graphic design for only $29

[ad_1] If you’ve been meaning to learn graphic design this year, now’s the perfect time to start. The opportunities are ripe, and the demand for professionals is high. To help you get started, today we’re featuring the Professional Graphic Design Bundle. Its price has recently dropped by 97%. Across 51 hours of training, this online […]

Great design and versatile cameras

[ad_1] When the Realme 3 launched earlier this year, we called it the Pocophone of the entry-level segment. The brand has mounted an offensive against Xiaomi and is consistently delivering hardware that doesn’t just keep up with rivals, but often outpaces them. The Realme 5 series is no different. About this review: I wrote the […]

New design advances optical neural networks that compute at the speed of light using engineered matter

[ad_1] Engineered optical neural network applied to a conventional machine learning task. Credit: UCLA Engineering Institute for Technology Advancement Diffractive deep neural network is an optical machine learning framework that uses diffractive surfaces and engineered matter to all optically perform computation. After its design and training in a computer using modern deep learning methods, each […]