KLM to replace Brussels flight with train to cut emissions

[ad_1] KLM will from March 2020 reduce from five to four the number of flights from Amsterdam to Brussels in a bid to cut its environmental impact Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, says Dutch airline KLM, when it comes to one of its shortest routes, it will soon be a train. […]

Apple unveils iPhone 11 models, with price cut

[ad_1] Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks on stage during a product launch event at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California Apple unveiled its iPhone 11 models Tuesday, touting upgraded, ultra-wide cameras as it updated its popular smartphone lineup and cut its entry price to $699. The newest handsets come as Apple seeks to spur new upgrades […]

Office sharing startup WeWork plans to cut valuation to below $20 bn

[ad_1] Fast-growing office-sharing startup WeWork plans to again cut its valuation, this time to below $20 billion, and is under pressure from some investors to postpone its stock market debut, sources said Sunday. It is the second time in three days that the company has cut its valuation target, after sources said Thursday that its […]

Watching Apocalypse Now Final Cut in Sony 4K Laser

[ad_1] Severed heads. Skulls on stakes. Surfers in a gun battle. A bridge rebuilt and blown up every night. Painted faces. A jungle swallowed in flame. Wagner. The Doors. Sweat. Malaria. And so many helicopters, their blades pounding relentlessly. Only Crazy Grenade-Launcher man knows “who’s in charge here,” and he ain’t saying. Yes, Apocalypse Now […]

Brussels mulls car use tax to cut traffic jams

[ad_1] The Belgian capital is notorious for its traffic jams Officials in the Brussels region are looking at a new tax to tackle the city’s notorious traffic jams by penalising heavy car use, the region’s minister for mobility said Wednesday. It would be linked to the length and frequency of journeys, replacing a fixed-rate tax […]

AI system optimally allocates workloads across thousands of servers to cut costs, save energy

[ad_1] A novel system by MIT researchers automatically “learns” how to allocate data-processing operations across thousands of servers. A novel system developed by MIT researchers automatically “learns” how to schedule data-processing operations across thousands of servers—a task traditionally reserved for imprecise, human-designed algorithms. Doing so could help today’s power-hungry data centers run far more efficiently. […]

How buildings can cut 80% of their carbon emissions by 2050

[ad_1] Increased generation of electricity from renewable sources, efficient energy use and management in buildings, and electrification of fuel-fired building technologies outline a roadmap to U.S. buildings emissions reduction by 2050. Credit: Langevin et. al / Joule Energy use in buildings—from heating and cooling your home to keeping the lights on in the office—is responsible […]

UK energy firm says power cut was not caused by cyberattack

[ad_1] People wait for trains at King’s Cross station in London Saturday, Aug. 10, 2019 a day after all services in and out of the station were suspended when a power cut caused major disruption across the country. Operators of Britain’s electricity network say a power cut that affected a million people and caused travel […]

Security cut off for 'cesspool of hate' 8chan forum

[ad_1] A Virgin Mary painting, flags and flowers adorn a makeshift memorial for the victims of Saturday’s mass shooting at a shopping complex in El Paso, Texas, Sunday, Aug. 4, 2019. (AP Photo/Andres Leighton) An online message board accused of hosting extremist content was temporarily inaccessible Monday after its cybersecurity provider cut off support for […]

New Zealand poised to introduce clean car standards and incentives to cut emissions

[ad_1] Source: New Zealand Greenhouse Gas Inventory The New Zealand government has proposed new fuel standards to cut greenhouse emissions, along with consumer rebates for cleaner cars—paid for by fees on high-polluting cars. The long-awaited proposed changes would bring New Zealand in line with most other developed countries; apart from New Zealand, Russia and Australia […]