Lithuanian scientists contributed to creating the record-breaking solar cell

[ad_1] The innovative method allows forming the electrode layer as thin as 1-2 nm, evenly covering even rough surfaces of tandem architectures. Credit: Juste Suminaite/KTU Tandem perovskite-CIGS solar cells, produced as a result of the collaboration between Lithuanian and German researchers, have reached an efficiency of 23.26%, which currently is a world record value in […]

Creating batteries to power air travel

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain Researchers at the Ohio State University Center for Automotive Research have created new computer models to predict the life and performance of batteries that could power some passenger airplanes—a step forward for cleaner, more efficient air travel. The models show that adding lithium-ion batteries to a regional airplane could reduce […]

Researchers creating AI-powered chatbot to help families living with neurodevelopmental disabilities

[ad_1] François Bolduc (second right) and his team are developing an AI-powered chatbot that will connect families living with neurodevelopmental disabilities to needed online information and resources. Credit: Jordan Carson A research team at the University of Alberta is using artificial intelligence to build a chatbot—a computer program that can simulate a human conversation through […]