Homeland Security details social media collection from immigrants

[ad_1] The AP said in June that Homeland Security was planning to expand its social media collection, but there haven’t been details until now. There have been numerous objections to Homeland Security’s practices, particularly since the visa requirements took effect in May. It’s not clear just how investigators conduct searches, or what they’re specifically looking […]

A virtual reality system to study the collection of visual feedback from robotic arms

[ad_1] The parasitic body in two contexts. On the left, the VR perspective. On the right, the real space with both participants. The participant on the left (indicated in red) controls the main body. The participant on the right (indicated in green) controls the parasitic limb. The yellow circle indicates the camera position in both […]

Many search engine users unaware of personal data collection

[ad_1] Nearly a third (32%) of searchers are unaware that their personal location is collected to display personalised ads, and the majority do not know what kind of information is involved, according to a study by the Reboot Digital Marketing Agency. The study is based on an analysis of findings by UK communications regulator Ofcom […]