HMD working on a much cheaper Nokia 5G phone, set for 2020 release

[ad_1] It seems like most major brands have at least one 5G phone out on the market, but HMD Global is one notable exception thus far. The Nokia brand licensee hasn’t released a 5G phone just yet, although there are rumors of a 5G flagship. But HMD Global chief product officer Juho Sarvikas told Digital […]

A cellphone bill cheaper than a Netflix subscription

[ad_1] These days you can get more than a foot-long sandwich for $5. The tech company that introduced the world to the PalmPilot in the ’90s has partnered with US Mobile to design a basic monthly smartphone plan that really couldn’t get any cheaper. The only catch is, you have to own a Palm smartphone. […]

Verizon's unveils cheaper unlimited smartphone plans that lets each family member choose their own

[ad_1] by Edward C. Baig, Usa Today Verizon Wireless has announced a new set of unlimited “mix and max” wireless pricing plans that that will let you, your spouse and your kids potentially each choose your own plan. Each family member may have to do a little bit of work to sort through the details […]

Researchers test ocean robots to make subsea cable surveys faster and cheaper

[ad_1] WHOI researchers deployed a REMUS 600 AUV to survey a subsea cable system in Buzzards Bay, Mass. The vehicle uses a propeller and fins for steering and diving, and relies on an internal navigation system to independently survey swaths of the ocean. Credit: Evan Lubofsky, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution In 2016, when an oil […]