Google bans ads for 'unproven' therapies, including stem cells

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain Google said Friday it was banning online ads for unproven medical treatments including most stem cell and gene therapy. “This new policy will prohibit ads selling treatments that have no established biomedical or scientific basis,” Google policy adviser Adrienne Biddings said in a blog post. Biddings said Google will “prohibit […]

Researchers set solar record with next-gen cells

[ad_1] Dr Jun Peng and Associate Professor Thomas White from the ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science. Credit: Lannon Harley, ANU Researchers from the Australian National University (ANU) have broken new ground in solar cell energy efficiency and in the process provided a glimpse of the technology’s future. The researchers have a set a […]

Tiny tweaks for big wins in solar cells

[ad_1] This sequence captures the fabrication process of a perovskite thin film from precursor solution to solid film via the spin-coating deposition process. Credit: KAUST Solar cell performance and stability depend on the morphology of the thin films, especially their ability to crystallize in the so-called photoactive α-phase. Perovskites containing lead tend to combine various […]

Deep learning enables scientists to identify cancer cells in blood in milliseconds

[ad_1] Yueqin Li Jalali Lab/UCLA Researchers at UCLA and NantWorks have developed an artificial intelligence-powered device that detects cancer cells in a few milliseconds—hundreds of times faster than previous methods. With that speed, the invention could make it possible to extract cancer cells from blood immediately after they are detected, which could in turn help […]

Ultrathin solar cells achieve a record of nearly 20 percent efficiency

[ad_1] (left) Sketch of an ultrathin solar cell made of GaAs with a nanostructured back mirror. (right) Photograph of a sample showing the diffraction effect of a nanostructured mirror in air (colored shine) and the absorption enhancement effect in ultrathin solar cells (square black areas). Credit: © C2N / H-L Chen & al. Researchers at […]

Highly efficient solar cells thanks to solid foundation

[ad_1] Transparent, electrically conductive, and selective to one type of charge carriers: these are the properties of hole transport layers for Perovskite solar cells. Credit: Tobias Abzieher, KIT The sun is an inexhaustible and sustainable source of energy. Hence, photovoltaics is gaining importance in German energy production. Among promising materials for solar cells—with a high […]

'Deforming' solar cells could be clue to improved efficiency

[ad_1] Spatially resolved photocurrent distribution. a Surface topography and b photocurrent distribution characterized under illumination on a 100 nm-thick BiFeO3/LaAlO3 thin film; Scale bar 500 nm. c Profile comparison between the photocurrent and surface morphology of the area marked by blue arrow in (a). The photocurrent is acquired under the illumination of 405 nm light with an […]

Discovery paves way for new generation of solar cells

[ad_1] in their yellow phase, the crystals are very soft, comparable to a plate of jelly. Credit: cMACS A study led by KU Leuven for the first time explains how a promising type of perovskites—man-made crystals that can convert sunlight into electricity—can be stabilized. As a result, the crystals turn black, enabling them to absorb […]

Solar energy becomes biofuel without solar cells

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain Soon we will be able to replace fossil fuels with a carbon-neutral product created from solar energy, carbon dioxide and water. Researchers at Uppsala University have successfully produced microorganisms that can efficiently produce the alcohol butanol using carbon dioxide and solar energy, without needing to use solar cells. This has […]