Lithuanian scientists contributed to creating the record-breaking solar cell

[ad_1] The innovative method allows forming the electrode layer as thin as 1-2 nm, evenly covering even rough surfaces of tandem architectures. Credit: Juste Suminaite/KTU Tandem perovskite-CIGS solar cells, produced as a result of the collaboration between Lithuanian and German researchers, have reached an efficiency of 23.26%, which currently is a world record value in […]

Amazon found selling unlicensed cell signal boosters

[ad_1] All of the six vendors spotted in the investigation appeared to be located in China with few if any contact details, and were using bogus reviews to give the appearance of popularity. An Amazon spokesperson said that selling partners had to “comply with all relevant laws and regulations” when listing goods for sale, and […]

Third step boosts solar cell performance

[ad_1] The team uses solution-processing techniques to create organic solar cells. Credit: KAUST A three-component light-harvesting layer boosts performance in an organic solar cell. Adding one extra ingredient to the light-capturing layer of an emerging solar cell technology can significantly improve all aspects of its energy-harvesting performance, KAUST researchers have shown. The team is developing […]

AI-powered tool predicts cell behaviors during disease and treatment

[ad_1] Predicting cellular behavior in silico: Trained on data that capture stimulation effects for a set of cell types, scGen can be used to model cellular responses in a new cell type. Credit: Helmholtz Zentrum München Large-scale atlases of organs in a healthy state are soon going to be available, in particular, the Human Cell […]