The first ever black hole image lands scientists $3 million prize

[ad_1] The prize will be split between the 347 scientists that worked on the ground-breaking project, which produced the very first image of a black hole. The data behind the image — which could confirm or at least pose significant questions about our understanding of the universe — was equivalent to the number of selfies […]

Sorority sisters battle a crazed killer in trailer for Black Christmas remake

[ad_1] Sorority sisters are hunted by a crazed killer in Black Christmas, a remake of the 1974 cult-classic slasher film. The calls (and texts) might be coming from inside the house as a killer stalks a group of sorority sisters in the first trailer for Black Christmas, directed by Sophia Takal (best known for directing […]

Snake oil or genius? Crown Sterling tells its side of Black Hat controversy

[ad_1] Enlarge / Crown Sterling’s presentation at Black Hat triggered cryptography experts. Crown Sterling Robert Grant is a reluctant cryptographer. “The last thing I would’ve wanted to do is start another company,” Grant, the CEO and founder of Crown Sterling, told Ars. “It’s like my wife asking me if we can have another child… I […]

At Big Blue, America's first black software engineer blazed a trail but paid a heavy price

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain In the “Hidden Figures” era, when people of color and women are receiving overdue recognition for their contributions to science and technology, Clyde Ford has a remarkable story to tell. In 1947 his father, John Stanley Ford, went to work at International Business Machines as the first black software engineer […]

Insurance black boxes and the surveillance state

[ad_1] Over the last few years there’s been a noticeable rise in the number of drivers opting to fit a “black box” to their cars in order to obtain cheaper insurance. According to some recent reports, these black boxes could save drivers as much as £300 a year. The idea is that the boxes send […]

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