Scientists avoid gender bias when they know they're being tested for bias

[ad_1] Thomas Koehler | Getty Images When it comes to gender, science suffers from what’s been called a “leaky pipeline.” In some fields, like biology, women make up the majority of the individuals entering graduate school in the field. But at each successive career stage—post-doctoral fellowships, junior faculty, tenured faculty—the percentage of women drops. The […]

Bias at Facebook? Audit lists conservatives' complaints

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain Promising to be more transparent about how it makes content decisions, Facebook on Tuesday released the first results of an audit addressing conservatives’ accusations that it is biased against them. The social networking giant agreed to the audit last year after complaints of bias from lawmakers and others. At the […]

Trump revives political bias accusations against Google

[ad_1] President Donald Trump says statements from a fired Google engineer support his claims that the internet giant is biased, a claim rejected by the Silicon Valley firm US President Donald Trump revived his criticism of Google on Tuesday, referencing a fired engineer who claimed the internet giant was working against his re-election. The latest […]

Study finds racial bias in tweets flagged as hate speech

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain Tweets believed to be written by African Americans are much more likely to be tagged as hate speech than tweets associated with whites, according to a Cornell study analyzing five collections of Twitter data marked for abusive language. All five datasets, compiled by academics for research, showed bias against Twitter […]

Teaching AI to overcome human bias

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain Are you smarter than a machine learning model? Let’s find out. Choose the answer that contradicts the following premise: Bob has a sister named Sarah. A) Bob has a sister. B) Bob doesn’t own a car. C) Bob doesn’t have a sister. If you chose C, congratulations! Examples like this […]