Turkish high court to review Wikipedia appeal against ban

[ad_1] Wikipedia logo. Turkey’s highest court on Wednesday began considering an appeal by Wikipedia aiming to reverse the Turkish government’s more than two-year ban on the online encyclopedia. Turkey blocked Wikipedia in April 2017, accusing it of being part of a “smear campaign” against Turkey, after the website refused to remove content that allegedly portrayed […]

Michigan is the first state to ban flavored e-cigarettes

[ad_1] The ban will go into effect as soon as the rules are fully determined, which will likely happen within the next 30 days. This stopgap measure will last for six months and can be renewed for another six months while legislators define and pass a permanent solutions. The flavors being banned aren’t just the […]

Don't ban new technologies – experiment with them carefully

[ad_1] For many years, Facebook’s internal slogan was “move fast and break things.” And that’s what the company did—along with most other Silicon Valley startups and the venture capitalists who fund them. Their general attitude is one of asking for forgiveness after the fact, rather than for permission in advance. Though this can allow for […]

Huawei dismisses new suspension of 'unjust' US ban

[ad_1] The US Commerce Department effectively suspended for a second time tough rules stopping the sale of components and services to Huawei and a prohibition on buying equipment from it Huawei on Tuesday dismissed Washington’s three-month delay to a ban on US firms selling to the Chinese tech giant and said the decision would not […]

US gives Huawei 90 day reprieve on ban: Ross

[ad_1] Washington has cited security concerns in seeking to prevent Chinese telecoms giant Huawei from doing business with US companies The United States gave Huawei a 90-day reprieve Monday on a ban against buying US technology, but added nearly four dozen subsidiaries of the Chinese telecoms giant to the prohibition. “As we continue to urge […]

US formalizes ban on govt contracts to China's Huawei, others

[ad_1] Huawei and other Chinese firms would be banned from US government contracts under rules formalized and published by Washington The United States unveiled rules on Wednesday formally banning technology giant Huawei and other Chinese firms from government contracts in the latest move in the countries’ escalating trade war. The interim rule will preclude any […]