Estimating people's age using convolutional neural networks

[ad_1] September 12, 2019 feature A diagram of the proposed age estimation system. Credit: Agbo-Ajala & Viriri. Over the past few years, researchers have created a growing number of machine learning (ML)-based face recognition techniques, which could have numerous interesting applications, for instance, enhancing surveillance monitoring, security control, and potentially even forensic art. In addition […]

Time-saving software in an age of ever-expanding scientific data

[ad_1] Eliza Grames, doctoral candidate in ecology and evolutionary biology. Credit: University of Connecticut It is hard to get people excited about software, says Eliza Grames, a doctoral candidate in ecology and evolutionary biology. Yet, the software she has developed is exciting for anyone about to embark on a new research and trying to determine […]

Historians' archival research looks quite different in the digital age

[ad_1] Today, and into the future, consulting archival documents increasingly means reading them on a screen. Credit: Shutterstock Our society’s historical record is undergoing a dramatic transformation. Think of all the information that you create today that will be part of the record for tomorrow. More than half of the world’s population is online and […]

Why investigative reporting in the digital age is waving, not drowning

[ad_1] You don’t need to look far to find doom and gloom stories about traditional media in the digital age. Yet linking media hardship to a view that investigative journalism is dying is a misconception. Yes, media outlets face many challenges. Last week’s 600-page ACCC report showed traditional media organisations face a difficult economic environment […]