Disney Plus – Everything you need to know about the streaming service

[ad_1] Disney Update August 23, 2019: We have updated this post with more info on Disney Plus, including all the new exclusive shows for the service that were just announced during D23 (Obi-Wan! Ms. Marvel! Moon Knight! She-Hulk! Lizzie McGuire reboot!) Plus we tell you how you can sign up for the service early (if […]

Google tells workers to avoid arguing politics in house

[ad_1] Google has updated its workplace guidelines, telling employees to refrain from heated debates about politics at work Google on Friday told employees to focus on work instead of heated debates about politics with colleagues at the internet company, which has long been known for encouraging people to speak their minds. Updated workplace guidelines for […]

Ewan McGregor will play Obi-Wan Kenobi again in a new 'Star Wars' show

[ad_1] For Star Wars fans the Disney+ news revealed tonight included a peek at The Mandalorian, a release window for the next season of the Clone Wars, and the surprise return of a familiar face: Ewan McGregor. The actor will reprise his role of Obi-Wan Kenobi from the prequel trilogy in a new show streaming […]

'Clone Wars' returns on Disney+ in February

[ad_1] While a lot of the exclusive content Disney has lined up for Disney+ will be available for launch, Clone Wars fans will have a few more months to wait. Today at the D23 Expo we learned that the next season of the animated show will be available for streaming in February 2020. Meanwhile, Disney […]

A first look at Disney+

[ad_1] Just last week, Disney announced Disney+ will have apps for iOS, Apple TV, Android and Xbox One, along with previously known devices such as the PlayStation 4 and Roku. Here, at the D23 Expo, I had the chance to check out how the Disney+ application works on an Apple TV. As you can see […]

Disney+ confirms 'Ms. Marvel,' 'She-Hulk' TV shows in the works

[ad_1] At its D23 event this weekend, Disney is revealing a lot more about its plans for the Disney+ streaming service, and has confirmed several new Marvel TV shows that are on the way. In addition to ones we’d heard about like The Falcon and Winter Soldier, Loki, Wandavision and What If?, MCU head Kevin […]

BA pilots to strike for three days in September

[ad_1] British Airways said it would change schedules to try and ensure as many people as possible can take their flights British Airways pilots on Friday said they will strike for three days in September in a dispute over pay, in a move that could affect tens of thousands of travellers. The strikes on September […]

Twitter's Trust and Safety advisors say the company isn't listening

[ad_1] In the letter, obtained by Wired and published Friday, members of the council express to the company that “There have been no advance heads-up of Twitter’s policy or product changes to the council, leaving many of us to have no prior warning or let alone knowledge when answering press and media inquiries.” The members […]

Researchers use machine learning to teach robots how to trek through unknown terrains

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain A team of Australian researchers has designed a reliable strategy for testing physical abilities of humanoid robots—robots that resemble the human body shape in their build and design. Using a blend of machine learning methods and algorithms, the research team succeeded in enabling test robots to effectively react to unknown […]

Walmart, Tesla pause in legal fight over fiery solar panels

[ad_1] This June 25, 2019, file photo shows the entrance to a Walmart in Pittsburgh. A lawsuit filed earlier this week by Walmart over fires in rooftop solar panels made by Tesla Inc. has been sealed by the court, and both sides say they look forward to addressing all issues. In joint statements Friday, Aug. […]