Google, Intel and Microsoft form data protection consortium

[ad_1] Some of the early contributions include a Microsoft framework that helps you write code to run inside Trusted Execution Environments, an Intel framework for protecting code at the hardware level and a Red Hat tool that abstracts secure environments to the point where you can create and run private “serverless” apps. Appropriately, the Linux […]

Sites like Facebook, Google and Twitter allowed white supremacists to flourish. Now what?

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain Before walking into a Norwegian mosque with a pair of shotguns earlier this month, Philip Manshaus called for a race war in a statement he posted on the dark reaches of social media. He couldn’t go to 8chan, the renegade message board where suspects in three recent mass shootings had […]

Google Play Store redesign makes it easier to find games

[ad_1] The Play Store now distinguishes between apps and games, a likely response to the increased prominence of mobile gaming. Mobile games account for 33 percent of app installs, according to a report released this summer by App Annie. But while users may not install mobile games as frequently other apps (or spend as much […]

Google, Facebook, Amazon decry French digital tax as 'discriminatory'

[ad_1] Amazon, Facebook and Google appeared at a USTR hearing on possible countermeasures to the French digital tax and were unanimous in calling the tax a “troubling precedent” American tech giants Amazon, Facebook and Google joined forces on Monday to decry the French digital tax as retroactive and discriminatory. President Donald Trump is considering retaliating […]

'Hey Google' to help you set reminders for everyone in the family

[ad_1] Gone are the days when you’d write a note on a piece of paper to remind someone to do something. Instead, you now leave reminders on your smart speaker. Google Assistant devices in the U.S., U.K. and Australia will get an upgrade over the next few weeks to allow you to set reminders for […]

Employees urge Google not to work with US immigration officials

[ad_1] Hundreds of Google employees on Wednesday called on the internet titan to avoid working for US immigration officials until they stop “engaging in human rights abuses.” A petition signed by more than 600 “Googlers” as of late afternoon was prompted by word that US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) was preparing to request bids […]

Regulating Facebook, Google and Amazon is hard given their bewildering complexity

[ad_1] Governments are attempting to regulate tech giants, but the digital disruption genie is already out of the bottle. Credit: Shutterstock Back in the 1990s—a lifetime ago in internet terms—the Spanish sociologist Manuel Castells published several books charting the rise of information networks. He predicted that in the networked age, more value would accrue in […]

Panels overturns settlement approval in Google privacy suit

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain A federal appeals court has rejected a settlement in a class-action lawsuit alleging that Google spied on users’ online activity using tracking “cookies,” even when privacy settings were set to prevent the snooping. A three-judge panel ruled Tuesday that a Delaware judge erred in approving the settlement in 2017. The […]

Trump revives political bias accusations against Google

[ad_1] President Donald Trump says statements from a fired Google engineer support his claims that the internet giant is biased, a claim rejected by the Silicon Valley firm US President Donald Trump revived his criticism of Google on Tuesday, referencing a fired engineer who claimed the internet giant was working against his re-election. The latest […]

Google Maps for tissues

[ad_1] Two virtual right-angled cross-sections through the complete nervous system of a fruit fly larva. The combination of expansion microscopy, light sheet microscopy and data processing now makes it possible to reconstruct this complex organ optically with nanometer resolution. These data have the potential to track individual nerve cells without complex electron microscopy and thus […]