Facebook wants to keep you 'in-the-know' about emergencies, active shooters in your area

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain While Facebook isn’t an actual news organization, its flexing its ability to reach users faster than local news channels in some time-sensitive cases. Starting on Tuesday, Facebook is rolling out a new tool to help alert you and your neighbors of unsafe conditions like active shooters in your area. It’s […]

Sites like Facebook, Google and Twitter allowed white supremacists to flourish. Now what?

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain Before walking into a Norwegian mosque with a pair of shotguns earlier this month, Philip Manshaus called for a race war in a statement he posted on the dark reaches of social media. He couldn’t go to 8chan, the renegade message board where suspects in three recent mass shootings had […]

Bias at Facebook? Audit lists conservatives' complaints

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain Promising to be more transparent about how it makes content decisions, Facebook on Tuesday released the first results of an audit addressing conservatives’ accusations that it is biased against them. The social networking giant agreed to the audit last year after complaints of bias from lawmakers and others. At the […]

Facebook hiring journalists to curate its new News Tab

[ad_1] Facebook’s News Tab will be curated by a team of journalists who select relevant, reliable breaking and top news stories Facebook on Tuesday confirmed plans for a News Tab that will be edited by seasoned journalists, in a departure from its longstanding practice of letting algorithms dictate a user’s experience. A human team will […]

Facebook rolls out tool to block off-Facebook data gathering

[ad_1] In this July 30, 2019, file photo, the social media application, Facebook is displayed on Apple’s App Store. Facebook is launching a long-promised tool that lets users block the social network from gathering information about them on outside websites and apps. Facebook said Tuesday, Aug. 20, that it is adding a place where users […]

Simple guidelines can slow the spread of fake news on Facebook

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain In this era of conflicting ideologies, fake news about climate change—especially on Facebook—can embolden those who remain unconvinced that it’s a threat and can easily influence people who only casually follow the issue. Lauren Lutzke, a doctoral student at the University of Michigan School for Environment and Sustainability, hopes her […]

Google, Facebook, Amazon decry French digital tax as 'discriminatory'

[ad_1] Amazon, Facebook and Google appeared at a USTR hearing on possible countermeasures to the French digital tax and were unanimous in calling the tax a “troubling precedent” American tech giants Amazon, Facebook and Google joined forces on Monday to decry the French digital tax as retroactive and discriminatory. President Donald Trump is considering retaliating […]

Privacy questions as humans reviewed user audio at Facebook

[ad_1] In this Sunday, Aug. 11, 2019, photo an iPhone displays the apps for Facebook and Messenger in New Orleans. Facebook says it paid contractors to transcribe audio clips from users of its Messenger service. (AP Photo/Jenny Kane) Facebook has paid contractors to transcribe audio clips from users of its Messenger service, raising privacy concerns […]

Regulating Facebook, Google and Amazon is hard given their bewildering complexity

[ad_1] Governments are attempting to regulate tech giants, but the digital disruption genie is already out of the bottle. Credit: Shutterstock Back in the 1990s—a lifetime ago in internet terms—the Spanish sociologist Manuel Castells published several books charting the rise of information networks. He predicted that in the networked age, more value would accrue in […]

Facebook listened to users' conversations: report

[ad_1] Facebook recently paid a record $5 billion fine to US trade regulators Facebook has paid hundreds of contractors to listen to and transcribe snippets of users’ conversations, US media reported on Tuesday, amid heightened scrutiny of the social network’s data collection practices. Facebook acknowledged the transcriptions, which were first reported by Bloomberg, telling the […]