With this great Gmail trick you’ll turn the way you organize your mailbox – Blog


With this great Gmail trick you’ll turn the way you organize your mailbox

People give a lot of time on sending and reading emails and this bothers many people.

But there are a few tricks to make one of which being a Gmail trick.

This trick can adjust the way you manage your mailbox.

You can create endless quantities of gmail temporary email address by using the + sign.

For illustration, let’s assume your email is [email protected] When you add a +example to it before the @, any messages which is sent to [email protected] goes straight to your main mailbox.

It changes your gmail temporary email address from one address to unlimited number of possibilities.

And why is it worth accepting?

To construct your inbox.

By applying rules, you can automatically array your mails depending on to whom they are addressed. For example, for all of your online shopping accounts, you can create [email protected] and use one for filtering the whole correspondence into a particular folder.

Moreover, it further simplifies it for you for later searches for times you won’t be able to recall the name of a specific site.

You won’t miss significant mails

You can flag up significant emails in email services (for example your mother, lawyer etc.). However, this will be in vain unless you learn the address they will send the email.

You can use rules to find out everything sent to it from any mail address will be shown at the top of your mailbox for important people whose mails you don’t wish to miss, if you share a secret email (for example [email protected]) with them.

You’ll learn who sells your data to marketers

Let’s presume you have signed up to dating app Tinder with [email protected], and an ad email comes to your mailbox after some time from a haphazard company, addressed to [email protected]; it is entirely obvious who sold your info. Yet, you wouldn’t recognize this, if you signed up with your main email.

Even more, using inbox rules, you can easily block all messages addressed to [email protected]

The gmail temporary email address trick gives you, without the struggle of generating new ones, all the advantages of having a second and 3rd and 4th and 5th dedicated mail accounts.





How to search for temporary email addresses – Blog


Wanna learn people’s temp email addresses from a distinct company or maybe you are the boss and you want to find out the people’s temp email addresses that using your company domain address. You can search it on google within like 5 hours and maybe as a result you will get nothing but disappointment. But, we are not desperate anymore like before. Now we have the email search and store engines that is ready to support us and find the one you are looking for within 30 seconds.

The engines are working by a basic system. They prefer a name, a surname and a domain address that you are looking for. Furthermore, they will list for you all the matched results with your input information.

So here is the best fake email address finders that you need:

Hunter (Email Hunter)

We can express that email hunter is comparatively new in the town. However, Hunter is my personal favorite of all other temp-mail finders. Hunter works fine and quick. Its results are more accurate, effective and far better. This is a chrome extension, so it is simpler to use than opening a web site and quicker.

Lets give an example about how to handle with it. We can work out to find Chris Wanstrath’s email address. He is co-founder and CEO of the GitHub. The company builds tons of softwares and has more than 500 software engineers.

First we have to give the information we have as his name, surname and for a domain we will write there the company domain address as “github.com”.


And after we pick up are possible results we can test it on Linkedin. Furthermore, if it says the temporary email address confidence rate is high, you can be sure that you got the email address you were looking for time.



Are private temporary emails a risk for government? – Blog


Are private temporary emails a risk for government?

For people who are involving in government businesses using temporary email address in business is legal in Texas. In Texas, A&M Univeresity that have 6 investigations about emails sent and received by A&M University. People judged Hillary Clinton for managing her private email in government business and that had an impact on election. However, using private emails are still legal in Texas.


So this means, a council member, a secretary of state may receive or send an email through in temporary email address and it is up to him/her to what to do with that. It can be a sabotage or deleting completely, none will know whats gonna do with that, because of low security observations, or maybe a recording of government conversations between other governments. Pretty much illegal actions may occur without notice.

Bill Aleshire, Austin attorney and open government advocate says Texas lawmakers should make illegal of employing temp mail in official business. Despite that State Rep. J.M. Lozano (R-Kingsville) reveals most of the lawmakers in Texas do not use their personal email addresses in official business because they afraid of the prosecution for using private temporary email in official business as they should be.

“That is a part-time legislature. We do the multitask to the max. We cannot work with any personal business from our state office or state computer.”

Lozano wants to work with Aleshire to establish the laws better for security.



Self-destructing Emails (10 minutes email) from the Snapmail – Blog


Self-destructing Emails (10 minutes email) from the Snapmail.

Sometimes you may send an temp email (10 minutes email) to somebody you didn’t mean for that person and sent the email to wrong person, or maybe you sent an email and you regretted after awhile. Well now, you are not desperate anymore. Google announced his own encryption system in 2014 (Making end-to-end encryption easier to work). However, that system provides you to encrypt in just google services such as gmail to gmail.

So when you send an encrypted mail to other services like yahoo mail, this feature does not function. There is another choice that provides you more freedom is Snapmail. Snapmail, is a Google chrome extension that provides you possibility to delete the regretted temporary emails whenever and wherever you sent.

Snapmail, encrypts the temp email you send on your device, so whenever you prefer to delete the mail you sent as options like 60 seconds or more after reading the mail by receiver. It lets you to delete it and don’t permit to read by receiver. The receiver having a fault message when they try to read the deleted mail.

How to manage temp email (10 minutes email):

First things, you have to manage Google Chrome Browser. After that you have to install the Snapmail extension from Chrome extension store (Snapmail extension). After you have written your mail you will see a Snapmail send button. After you sent the mail, service will encrypt the mail and will set to self-destruct in 60 seconds after opening mail by receiver. But there is a wrong point, the receiver will not notice the mail is set to self-destruct mode. So it‘s important to acknowledge the receiver about that if it’s necessary.


Before Snapmail, Dmail dominated other self-destructing email temp email (10 minutes email) services. But, because of an unexplained reason Dmail service no longer operated.