Remember the Wii Fit Balance Board? Twelve years ago, Nintendo released a device that looked like a bathroom scale but actually acted as a relatively sensitive controller that responded to subtle shifts in weight in specially designed games. Nintendo sold at least 22 million of the suckers to health-conscious gamers, 99.9% of whom have doubtless put their Balance Boards in the closet or a donation bin by now.

Fast forward to today, and Nintendo is once again teasing a new entry into the fitness game. In a short video tweeted late Thursday, the company showed off a flexible black plastic ring and accompanying leg strap, both of which apparently integrate with Switch Joy-Cons to measure your motion in a number of ways.

The yet-unnamed ring looks to include two rubberized grips on opposite sides and two connection slots for a Joy-Con. Stretching the ring in one direction flattens a bit in in the other, turning the ring into an oval and seemingly increasing the physical resistance required to stretch further. An accompanying holster straps around the leg and holds another Joy-Con, presumably to measure leg angle and movement speed.

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