You know who’s going to need some more, more, mooooooore Beyond Meat deliveries? KFC. The fried chicken chain made headlines this week when ravenous hordes of vegetarians descended upon one Atlanta franchise to try the company’s new chickenless nuggets, locusting through the stock of very-nearly-poultry in just a few hours.


Android users can rest easy knowing that their trusted apps are now even more, more, mooooooore secure thanks to Google’s expanded bug bounty program. More than a 100 million apps are eligible, which should give white hat hackers plenty of potential targets.


Save more, more, mooooooore than 39 percent off the full price of Disney+ if you prepay for three years. And if you think I won’t keep this bit up for the entirety of the post you’ll be wrong, wrong, wrooooooong.


Look, Netflix, I’m not trying to tell you how to run your business but when the knockoff streaming site that’s pirating your content has more, more, mooooooore content than you do, things might not be going as great as you think.


What more can I say, it’s right there in the headline. Oh wait no, the bit!

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