The benefits of a a temporary email address for bitcoins

Do you know how much a bitcoin is worth at the time of writing. It is $6,000 or more. Bitcoins are virtual coins have achieved an astonishing growth in the past few years. It is clear that purchasing and selling bitcoin can be a very good idea. It can also bring in front quite a lot of money.


There are some risks when handling so much money. Sure, we all know that the Bitcoin network is designed not to share any personal information. But even so, there is the fact that the transactions are not anonymous. If you want, you can call these pseudo-anonymous.

Although you do not share your email or physical address, even you do not share your name, hackers can still track your identity with help from IP addresses and cryptocurrency exchanges. The people who you exchanged bitcoins with may identify you via your email address.

How can this happen?

Although there is a big focus on anonymity, there are some flaws in the system. Oftentimes, the user of a bitcoin address will declare his name and link it to a public address. This makes it very easy for other people to identify who you are and from here to generating a proof of ID it will be very easy.

As you can imagine, they can easily steal your identity by matching your ID against the IP address. It is a very problematic thing to take into consideration, but the truth is that you can still maintain your anonymity if you use the right approach.

How can you make the Bitcoin sale or purchase process safer?

Bitcoin mixing

They designed the mixing process to eliminate the link you could usually find between the bitcoin addresses. They do that either by swapping coins with other addresses or creating some temporary addresses. This is very helpful for your bitcoins protection because it’s a lot easier for you to stay anonymous. The process is faster and more convenient. The results as a whole are very distinct too, which is exactly what you may need.


Using VPN and routing services

There are some other options for you to focus on if you don’t want to opt for the mixing process. No one will know your real IP, to begin with by using a VPN because it enables you to mask your connectivity. But, if someone discovers that you use a VPN, your protection is nonexistent.

There is another way that you can also opt for the Tor Browser and use it to connect to the Bitcoin network. What makes this great is the fact that Tor nodes get to encrypt all data before sending it. As a result, to avoid sharing any relevant or pivotal information such as your name and IP, among others is very easy for you.


What is Joinmarket ? It is clear a market. On this market, makers and takers are focused on performing various transactions.  It will arrange the necessary amount of coins, and the overall results can be more than amazing in the end.

Using a temporary email address

There is a very good solution is using a temporary email address. By using it, even if your email address is identified when selling or buying bitcoin, you are safe. You can indeed add a temporary email address to your wallet because that does not matter in the end. The special thing is that no one can know who the wallet belongs to, and using the temporary email address can help you preserve your name even more than before. However, you just need to remember that the temporary email addresses are designed to bring in the sense of efficiency and anonymity without bringing in front any limitations.

When using using temporary email address,  you will not be worry about any problems. This type of email address gets to keep you anonymous even during such a transaction. It is amazing!

You still receive a very good protection from the temporary email address even if you do want to sell bitcoins. No one can link the IP to your name or email address. And even if they do link it to the temporary email address, you also don’t need to worry about it. It is the best, safest way to purchase and sell bitcoins online.

What methods should you use when you sell or buy bitcoin online?

Do you want to use the local bitcoin option? By this way, you can get to meet with the person face to face and get to initiate the transaction as you see fit. It’s a much simpler way and one that does tend to offer some impressive benefits because of that.

How about the Bitcoin ATM option? It is not extremely popular because there aren’t too many ATMs like this to find out nowadays.  However, it’s always a good idea to look out for those in the future. You should use a prepaid card option, so you can easily use that card to get bitcoin without issue. Using a prepaid card requires you to stay anonymous because some of these won’t help you get the anonymity that you may want, so try to consider that.

But yes, the best way to purchase bitcoin is to use a temporary email address. The reason is  it is very convenient and simple, plus no one will be able to link that to you. If you want to get on the Bitcoin train and earn some good money, it really is the best option to focus on. Using a temporary email address can help you maintain control over your private data which is extremely important. You should be careful into buying or selling bitcoin, use a temporary email address and the results can be very impressive!

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