Deep learning may help the Army make sense of weak, corrupted signals

[ad_1] Clean image; top right: One-percent information retained; bottom left: restoration by blurring and brightening; bottom right: restoration by deep learning. Credit: The Army Research Laboratory Scientists at the U.S. Army’s corporate research laboratory are developing a new algorithm that could improve image and audio identification for intelligence gathering on the battlefield. U.S. Army Combat […]

You can't squash this roach-inspired robot

[ad_1] A new insect-sized robot created by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, scurries at the speed of a cockroach and can withstand the weight of a human. Credit: UC Berkeley photo by Stephen McNally If the sight of a skittering bug makes you squirm, you may want to look away—a new insect-sized robot […]

Clearing up the 'dark side' of artificial leaves

[ad_1] Schematic depiction of an artificial leaf with a membrane that reduces the release of carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere. Credit: Aditya Prajapati and Meng Lin While artificial leaves hold promise as a way to take carbon dioxide—a potent greenhouse gas—out of the atmosphere, there is a “dark side to artificial leaves that has […]

Rolls Royce faces probe over India deals

[ad_1] Rolls Royce, which sold its energy business to German giant Siemens in 2014, said it will “not tolerate business misconduct of any sort and we are committed to maintaining high ethical standards” Indian investigators have launched a criminal probe into millions of dollars paid by a Rolls Royce energy firm to an intermediary in […]

Senators clash with FAA officials over Boeing Max oversight

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain Members of a Senate subcommittee clashed with Federal Aviation Administration officials Wednesday, contending the agency was too deferential to Boeing in approving the 737 Max. Senators cited reports of lax oversight as the jet and flight control software called MCAS were developed. MCAS has been implicated in two deadly crashes. […]

Networks sue Locast, a service that streams TV for free

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain The country’s biggest TV networks—ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX—are suing Locast, a streaming service that transmits their broadcasts for free. The companies say that Locast is violating their copyrights. Locast has held that under the law, it is allowed to stream the networks without paying them because it is a […]

At Big Blue, America's first black software engineer blazed a trail but paid a heavy price

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain In the “Hidden Figures” era, when people of color and women are receiving overdue recognition for their contributions to science and technology, Clyde Ford has a remarkable story to tell. In 1947 his father, John Stanley Ford, went to work at International Business Machines as the first black software engineer […]

'Crowdworking' provides the humans who train artificial intelligence

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain Eager to make extra money on the side, Washington, D.C., resident Paula Alves Silva turned to a gig emblematic of the digital age: She recorded sentences read aloud in the comfort of her home to help train artificial intelligence (AI) software. Silva completed the tasks in her native Portuguese tongue […]

Data breach exposes personal information of thousands of LAPD officers and applicants

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain What happens when those who serve and protect are not being protected themselves? Officers at the Los Angeles Police Department found out recently after a data breach of the city’s personnel department exposed personal information of about 2,500 officers. The breach also exposed the information of 17,500 officer applicants. The […]