How ants, bees, and fruit flies can be the next big buzz in artificial intelligence

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain Space. The final frontier. And on Nov. 2, 2018, NASA’s Voyager 2 spacecraft crossed into the vastness of interstellar space, following Voyager 1, which made the leap six years earlier. Since their launch in 1977, the two probes have traveled more than 11 billion miles across the solar system, lasting […]

Scientists are teaching computers to diagnose soybean stress

[ad_1] Unmanned aerial vehicles could be equipped with hyperspectral technology capable of detecting wavelength ranges beyond those detectable by the human eye. Such technology could combine with machine learning techniques under development at Iowa State to help farmers anticipate stress among their crops before symptoms appear. Credit: Arti Singh Iowa State University scientists are working […]

At NY Fashion Week, robotic dresses take on a life of their own

[ad_1] Fashion and technology have often gone hand in hand, improving supply chains and bringing the world’s runways to the masses, but at this week’s shows in New York, robotic designs took center stage. The dresses were conceived with the help of a kit designed by Anina Trepte, a former model and founder of the […]

Using artificial intelligence to automate sea-ice charting

[ad_1] Ship operators require precise up-to-date information on the location of ice edges and open water and the ice type and concentration along their vessel’s route. Credit: European Space Agency Reliable maps of sea-ice conditions and forecasts are of vital importance for maritime safety, safe navigation and planning. The continued retreating and thinning of Arctic […]

How new implants are helping us achieve this goal

[ad_1] Cyborgs are no longer science fiction. The field of brain-machine interfaces (BMI) – which use electrodes, often implanted into the brain, to translate neuronal information into commands capable of controlling external systems such as a computer or robotic arm—have actually been around for some time. Entrepreneur Elon Musk’s company, Neuralink, is aiming to test […]

Nature's most beautiful performances could inspire the next generation of artificial intelligence

[ad_1] The simple three-step process for structural transition in the collective behaviour of groups. Credit: Loughborough University Scientists have discovered a possible driving force behind some of nature’s most beautiful displays paving the way for more complex and autonomous AI. Researchers wanted to replicate the basic mechanisms behind some of the most highly organized patterns […]

AI learns the language of chemistry to predict how to make medicines

[ad_1] Credit: Денис Марчук from Pixabay Researchers have designed a machine learning algorithm that predicts the outcome of chemical reactions with much higher accuracy than trained chemists and suggests ways to make complex molecules, removing a significant hurdle in drug discovery. University of Cambridge researchers have shown that an algorithm can predict the outcomes of […]

Circus reinvented in Montreal, this time with high-tech vibe

[ad_1] A performer at the 2019 Montreal Cirque Festival—the city is becoming “a hub for creative entertainment,” says Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberte Montreal—the Canadian city that spawned the global juggernaut Cirque du Soleil—has once again reimagined the circus, this time tapping into the rich animation and video game production talent found in the […]

Researchers reveal ultra-fast bomb detection method that could upgrade airport security

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain Researchers from the University of Surrey have revealed a new ultra-fast method to detect materials that could be used to build explosives. The new detection method is able to analyze a wider range of materials than current thermal based detection systems used in today’s airports, while reducing false positive reports. […]

Five ways AI could make your car as smart as a human passenger

[ad_1] Credit: Sathienpong Prempetch/Shutterstock Driving long distances without a passenger can be lonely. If you’ve ever done it, you might have wished for a companion to talk to—someone emotionally intelligent who can understand you and help you on the road. The disembodied voice of SatNav helps to fill the monotonous silence, but it can’t hold […]