A robot with a firm yet gentle grasp

[ad_1] A robotic gripper developed in the lab of University at Buffalo engineer Ehsan Esfahani uses repulsion between magnets to adjust the stiffness of its grip, improving safety. Credit: Douglas Levere/University at Buffalo Human hands are remarkably skilled at manipulating a range of objects. We can pick up an egg or a strawberry without smashing […]

Can San Diego's Brain Corp. become the Microsoft of self-driving robots?

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain Ten years ago computational neuroscientist Dr. Eugene Izhikevich walked away from a successful career in academia to co-found Brain Corp. with the ambitious goal of building artificial brains for robots. These days when the Russian-born Izhikevich lands late at San Diego International Airport, he sometimes sees the fruits of that […]

Nerve-like 'optical lace' gives robots a human touch

[ad_1] LED light illuminating the optical lacework structure when left alone and when deformed. Credit: Xu et al., Sci. Robot. 4, eaaw6304 (2019) A new synthetic material that creates a linked sensory network similar to a biological nervous system could enable soft robots to sense how they interact with their environment and adjust their actions […]

'Flying fish' robot can propel itself out of water and glide through the air

[ad_1] Illustration of the robot leaping out of the water. Credit: Aerial Robotics Lab/Imperial College London A bio-inspired bot uses water from the environment to create a gas and launch itself from the water’s surface. The robot, which can travel 26 metres through the air after take-off, could be used to collect water samples in […]

A smart artificial hand for amputees merges user and robotic control

[ad_1] Credit: Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne EPFL scientists are developing new approaches for improved control of robotic hands—in particular for amputees—that combines individual finger control and automation for improved grasping and manipulation. This interdisciplinary proof of concept between neuroengineering and robotics was successfully tested on three amputees and seven healthy subjects. The results are […]

Research gives robots a second chance at first impressions

[ad_1] Baxter, a robotic deli operator, was used in preliminary research about how humans perceive robot competence. Credit: Cornell University Underestimate robots at your peril. The robot you know only as a lowly cleaner may also be an expert firefighter. A robot that clumsily fumbles an object may still have life-saving skills. “If people are […]

A soft phototactic swimming robot built using a self-sustained hydrogel oscillator

[ad_1] September 10, 2019 feature Credit: Zhao et al. Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and the California NanoSystems Institute in Los Angeles have recently developed a soft swimming robot based on a self-sustained hydrogel oscillator. This robot, presented in a paper published in Science Robotics, operates under constant light input without […]

Voice-command ovens, robots for pets on show at Berlin's IFA tech fair

[ad_1] A Pet Fitness robot can keep track of how much activity the animal has had Europe’s biggest tech fair, Berlin’s IFA, is showcasing a flood of product launches until Wednesday. Here are five trends and gadgets making waves. Fitness trainer for pets No time to walk or play with your pet puppy or kitten? […]

Empathy for robots can have life-changing consequences for troops

[ad_1] Credit: CC0 Public Domain It is increasingly common to use robots in war zones to examine and disarm hazards or recover objects with the understanding that the loss of a robot is a far more acceptable outcome than the death of a solider. But as robots become valuable members of the team, there’s a […]