Amateurs and professionals have different sitting postures

[ad_1] The experiment involved a total of 19 players, including 9 professionals and 10 amateurs, who were asked to play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) for 30 to 60 minutes. Credit: Skoltech A group of scientists from Skoltech’s Computational and Data-Intensive Science and Engineering Center (CDISE) have used artificial intelligence to find a connection between […]

Boeing suspends testing of long-haul 777X aircraft

[ad_1] Boeing’s 777X was originally scheduled to take off on its first flight this summer Boeing has suspended testing on its new long-haul 777X aircraft, the company said Friday, a setback that comes as it battles to rebound from the crisis surrounding the 737 MAX. The so-called “final load” tests are part of the aircraft […]

Regulator discord could delay the return of Boeing's MAX jets

[ad_1] Boeing 737 MAX airplanes, photographed last month, sit idle near Boeing Field in Seattle, Washington Nearly six months after its 737 MAX jets were grounded, Boeing is now close to applying to recertify the aircraft, according to sources, but the timeframe for flights to resume remains murky. Regulators will have final say on when […]

Boeing not able to respond to regulators on MAX at August meeting

[ad_1] Boeing 737 Max planes, photographed last month, sit idle near Boeing Field in Seattle Boeing was not able to respond to regulator questions on modifications made to the 737 MAX flight control system at an August meeting with international officials, sources said Tuesday. The planes have been grounded globally since mid-March, following two crashes […]

How fast can a human cycle? With aerodynamic help, the 300km per hour barrier seems easily within reach

[ad_1] With aerodynamics out of the equation, it’s possible to go really, really fast. Credit: YouTube/Euronews British cyclist Neil Campbell recently set a new record for the men’s “fastest bicycle in a slipstream,” clocking up a breathtaking 280km per hour. This record involves bringing a cyclist up to speed in the wake of a towing […]

Darth Vader helmet among Hollywood treasures in $10 mn auction

[ad_1] Darth Vader’s helmet from the film “The Empire Strikes Back” could fetch nearly half a million dollars at auction Darth Vader’s helmet from “The Empire Strikes Back” is among a vast collection of coveted Hollywood treasures going under the hammer next month, with experts predicting it could fetch nearly $500,000. The mask and helmet […]

Argon spray preserves leftover bottled wine

[ad_1] A Purdue University graduate has developed a method designed to keep wine in opened, unfinished bottles fresh for weeks. The method uses a spray of argon gas to stop the oxidation process. Credit: Purdue University A young entrepreneur who is commercializing a product that cuts down wine waste one bottle at a time is […]

Brexit could cause major disruption to EU-UK data flows

[ad_1] UK businesses could be in for a huge headache if the government fails to secure an agreement on data flows between the E.U. and the U.K. post-Brexit, according to a new report published by UCL European Institute. The report, “EU-UK Data Flows, Brexit and No-Deal: Adequacy or Disarray,” outlines the kinds of bureaucracy that […]

New technologies can be a force for good in Africa if they're developed from the ground

[ad_1] Technology companies are pushing to lead the AI drive in Africa. Credit: Wikimedia Commons Sub-Saharan Africa is at a point where new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) could present both opportunities and threats to development. But civil society, governments and international organisations need to make sure that everyone benefits from these technologies—not just […]

ONR tech makes sure aviators and aircraft are a perfect fit

[ad_1] Nick Sievert, a machine learning developer at Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren, uses the computerized Anthropometric Measurement Device to measure a student naval aviator to gauge what type of aircraft cockpit will best accommodate the aviator’s body. The device, developed through support from the Office of Naval Research Global TechSolutions program, features enhanced optical […]