Letter From Auntie

My Aunt Gertrude emailed me last night regarding the surprise birthday party of my cousin Therese three months from now. As you know, I am living in the city and my relatives are all in the country side. My family too, my mom, my dad, and my sisters Winona and Gemmie, are both living with my parents. I moved out a year ago here in the city to study and chase my dreams.

I was just happy upon receiving my Aunt’s letter. Here it is:

“Hi Excel! How are you? Your mom told me you are busy with your law school and I hope you have the time to read this message. So I am writing to inform you that me and your uncle Jim are planning to have a surprise birthday party for Therese. This will happen on a Sunday and it will be held in our garden, remember our garden where you used to play? Well, it is much more improved now and I bet you will want to see it! I bought new Adirondack chairs for the garden, as well as new plants that I added to my growing collection. The tree where both of you used to play is still there, though it is a lot shadier now and its branches are bigger now.

The two of you grow together before going to high school and I am sure she will be glad to see you there. Please wear floral dress and I hope also you will bring a friend or your boyfriend. You mom told me you already have! We will be excited to see him at Therese’s birthday! Therese have been in quite sad state in the past months, as you know. Her dog Lassy died. I know you know him. She has been with the family for three years and his death really cause too much sadness  in our household, especially for Therese. Remember the days when he always barks at every good looking boy neighbor who starts to be friends with you? Or the time when he barked at someone who tried to snatch your bag in front of the house? Poor thing he had to leave us.

Anyway, we really wish to see you there. We have not seen you in almost two years already. P.S. Please note this is still kept as a secret from Therese so please do not tell anyone yet about this surprise birthday bash. Hope to see you there!

Aww. My aunt’s message really melt my heart especially about Therese’ dog Lassy’s death. I was also shocked upon learning about it and I just cried myself to sleep when I hear the news. Of course, I will go to Therese’ party, though I am still thinking if I will bring my boyfriend Jonathan with me. We have been together for three months only and I do not know if he is comfortable meeting my clan. Haha. I will update you guys if he said yes! See you all next time!

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