Partnering My Letters with Nice Images

So, as a lot of you might know, I’ve been writing blogs and posts on all sorts of different platforms for a very long time. From livejournal up to the sprouting website builders today all the way to here. So, I’ve learned a lot about drafting blogs and articles over the years, and I really appreciated the form of blogging as a creative Outlet. I’m a writer, and I think I’m going to be a writer forever, and I may not be amazing, but I have learned quite a few things so far in my time. One of the things that I’ve learned, is that the most annoying part of publishing a blog post is finding a good image from a stock photography database.

Simply, there are very few good resources for stock photography that is worth sorting through. I mean, stock photography is already a bit of a conundrum comma because we put our hearts into our blog posts, and then and we have to use some generic image that is meant to apply to a wide range of things. I don’t mind the fact that other people are using the same image as me, what is annoying is that the image isn’t even that profound or effective to begin with.

But, using a stock photograph has become a necessary evil in the world of blogging.

So, I can say that I was super thrilled and kind of surprised and amazed to find a stock photography website that was considerably better than all of the other ones that I’ve ever had to use before. Actually, using EyeEm turns to the process of finding a photograph to accompany my post into a bit of a treasure and a blessing, rather than a tedious chore.

I couldn’t be more happy with the Stock Photos  on this site, and I highly recommend using it to anybody who post blogs.

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