Smartphones, Is It Good For Our Kids

We know how the use of phones, smartphones specifically, has been such a useful took for us so we can go about our daily lives communicating with other people wherever and whenever. We can even chat with them, call them, send them photos and videos, and nice and funny stickers anytime.

This is to the extent that kids are also introduced with the wonders of cellphones, especially when the phone is installed with so many apps for kids–those fun and informative ones that appear in the search feed as a result of ASO (app store optimization).

Some kids want to have funny games like Candy Crush, Temple Run, Pockemon Go, and Clash of Clans.

However, studies say that a kid who is exposed in smart phones at his early stage in life my develop health conditions that can affect him in the long run. Here are some health risks for your kids that you might want to see:

  1. Radiation
  2. Brain Tumor
  3. Cancer

Aside from these health risk, kids may also be affected in the other areas. Sometimes, they can have anxiety attacks, depression, stress at an ealry age, and even a sedentary lifestlye because they forget on how to play outside with kids. Instead, they opt to sit in the couch and bury themselves in front of the computer or tablet all day.

Here is an gentle reminder for mommies to take care of their kids when they are exposed to cellphones


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